Learn how to customize and code
your own convertkit template
(The Non-scary way)



Does any of this sound familiar?


You're unhappy with how the basic ConvertKit email templates look

You'd like to add your logo or signature to your ConvertKit emails but you're not a coder

CODE is a 4 letter word. The idea of CODING makes your brain shut down or maybe makes your stomach turn. 

You want to be able to handle minor tweaks to your ConvertKit template without having to call in an expert every time you need help. 

Well guess what... YOU have the ability to fix all of these things! 

You CAN customize your ConvertKit template to match your branding.

And I can show you how. 

custom code convertkit template easy.png

I'm Becky Linot,
ConvertKit Certified Expert & tech simplifier.

I've coded probably hundreds of customized ConvertKit templates. 

I'm here to teach and empower you to code your own customized ConvertKit template

In this course you'll learn:

  • the basics of the existing templates in ConvertKit

  • how to lay out what you want your customized template to look like

  • some HTML and CSS basics (it's not scary, I promise!)

  • how to customize and use ConvertKit's existing email template code to fit your brand

  • how to make tweaks to your template over time

At the end of the course, you'll have coded your own customized ConvertKit template!