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You guys... ConvertKit now has a direct API connection with Squarespace!!!!!

I know I'm not the only one happy dancing!!!

So today is day 2 of ConvertKit's annual Craft + Commerce conference and they have dropped a boatload of features today, including a new super customizable form builder, new landing pages, new dashboard, and deeper integrations with several companies, like Teachable and SQUARESPACE!!

We can see purchase data within our ConvertKit accounts. Amazing. 

And I made a video showing you how it all works, including how to super easily set up the new integration!

I wasn't able to see how to tag folks based upon their purchases, but I would guess more information is coming soon and I'll be sure to update this post  and send out an email (join me here if you haven't already!) with the latest info.  (Scroll for an automations update!) 

NOTE: You have to have the Advanced Commerce plan from Squarespace to be able to generate and API key for orders to make ConvertKit and Squarespace talk. If you don't have this plan, you won't be able to set up this integration. 

Automations/tagging update!

You can create automations with this new integration! Right now, automations are limited to visual automations only, so you can't create automation rules based upon product purchases. 

(Reminder: Automation rules are the way we used to create automations in ConvertKit (now Seva) before Visual Automations came out in Summer 2017)

You can also build segments based upon subscriber purchases, which is super cool!

Here's the update: 


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Becky Linot