How to outsource setting up your online course

How to outsource setting up your online course.png

Online courses are all the rage right now in the online entrepreneur world. People love that they can learn from experts around the globe with the click of a mouse and they can be a solid source of passive income.

If you’re an expert in your field, it’s probably not too difficult to come up with great content that would easily create a course and sell. But what if you aren’t a super technical person or don’t want to mess with putting everything together? And how in the world do you decide what course platform to use?

With such a wide variety of platforms these days like Teachable, The New Kajabi, Thinkific, or even creating your own membership site to host your courses, it can be hard to know what option would be best for you.

That’s where a tech expert like me comes in. We generally have a wide variety of experience and knowledge to pull from and can do more than produce work for you. Many technical experts and technical virtual assistants have experience with multiple course platforms can help you pick the best one for your business. All you’d need to worry about is creating the content for your course.

Once you’ve put all of your course content together, you can hand everything off to your tech help to start building your course while you can turn your attention to other things that only you can do, like marketing your course through live webinars, etc.

A couple of things to note:

  1. Make sure whoever you hire has a solid understanding of the needs of your business, how you’re wanting your students to utilize your content (i.e. watch videos, download worksheets, turn in homework, etc.), and also how you’d like the content of your course to be delivered (i.e. all at once, dripped weekly, etc.).

  2. Be sure to give a specific course outline that can be followed as they build the individual modules or sections of your course.

  3. Before launching your course, be sure view your course as a student. You want to make sure that the course flow and sequence builds upon itself and makes sense to your potential students.

Happy course creating!

Have you outsourced the task of building a course? Or thinking about outsourcing? Tell us about it in the comments!