My 4 favorite FREE high quality stock photo image sites

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If you do any kind of online work, chances are you’ll need a few images for your website, social media, blog, whatever. And we all know that you have to be careful with image licensing. You can’t just go to Google and grab an image that you like without taking a chance of pirating someone’s image or violating Creative Commons licensing.

And you can go buy stock images from or some other paid site, but if you need a lot of images that’s a huge pain in the butt!

So what do you do that won’t cost you an arm and a leg?

There are awesome photographers out there that aren’t looking to sell their images, but instead share them for us to use freely under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. We’re talking gorgeous quality images that you’d pay a pretty penny for on a paid stock photo site.

And… lucky us! There are several sites dedicated to collecting and sharing these images for the masses to use. Which means we have a nearly endless supply of beautiful images (like the ones below) for free!

Note: Be sure to cite your image source whenever appropriate. Give a shout out to those fabulous photogs that are helping us out!

I use these searchable sites almost daily to find images for my clients and myself for social media, blog, etc.




  4. Stockup by Site Builder

And did I mention these sites are searchable?! Just type in a keyword for an image you’re looking for and dive in.

Have you ever used free image sites before or do you have a different site you use instead of the ones I listed? Please share in the comments!

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