Hey Business Owners... Giving back is important, too!

As business owners, we’re often thinking about the next thing we can do to get another client, sell more of our products, have a bigger reach, and ultimately make more money. And I’m sure a lot of us spend time thinking about our goals and accomplishments and also where we would like our businesses to take us.

While it’s important to focus on these things, we also need to take time to think about how we can help others, too. We’re in a unique position to offer our services to another business that might be struggling or teach someone we know how to build a similar business to ours so their lives can improve, too! I’m a firm believer in giving back and helping my community whenever I can.

To me, one of the most important things you can give someone is time.

When I started my business, we desperately needed more income and I didn’t have much if anything to invest in my business other than time. There’s a lot of programs out there that teach how to start a virtual assistant business and some of them are fairly reasonably priced, but when you don’t have the cash to spare, that’s not an option.

Where I live, there’s a lot of blue collar folks who go to work, earn their paycheck, come home and rinse and repeat the next day. There’s nothing wrong with this lifestyle, but it can be really limiting and where I live very competitive for not entirely adequate wages. This is what drove me online for work.

Because of my struggle to get started, I have a passion for teaching others how to start their own Virtual Assistant businesses.

My hope is to take a few moms like me under my wing and show them the ropes so that they can get started, too. It’s not going to be a huge money making venture for me, but I’ll be helping other moms and families that could be in similar shoes as me.

I’m also exploring the idea of helping a few local businesses boost their online presence. I live in a suburb of a larger city in Kansas and my husband and I love our community and support small business whenever we can.

So I want to know... what ways do you give back to your community or others through your business?
Please share below!