How a VA can save you time by managing your blog

The whole point of outsourcing certain areas of your business is to free up some (or a lot) of your time so you can focus on things for your business that only you can do.

One area a lot of businesses could be gaining more time is by outsourcing blog tasks. 

Think about this… How much time do you spend on your blog each week or month? 

You’ve got to write and edit the posts, get them added and formatted on your site, find and possibly edit images, schedule the posts to be published and then respond to comments… the list goes on. You also probably have some kind of editorial schedule or calendar you use for planning your posts that you maintain.

While it might not be possible for you to outsource the actual writing of your blog posts, you can totally outsource a big chunk of your blog management tasks.

A VA can:

  • Edit, post, format and schedule your blog posts

  • Find and create images for your blog post and social sharing (check out my fav sources for incredible and FREE images)

  • Help you plan and maintain your editorial calendar

  • Respond to comments from readers (this requires that your VA understand your ‘voice’ and some people may not want to outsource this task in order to be able to interact with followers directly).

  • Post your blog posts on social media sites for you

A lot of VAs have a monthly blog management package you can get and for a flat rate, they take care of your blog for you. Others may charge by the hour, but ultimately… having a VA handle a big portion of your blog for you can save you hours every week.

I want to know... how much time do you spend on your blog? Or how much time do you think you could gain by outsourcing some of your blog tasks? Please share in the comments!

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