How Facebook groups have changed my business

Social media is a cool thing. We can connect with long-lost friends and family, share pictures, and keep in touch. You can also learn lots of cool things from Pinterest and watch funny videos on YouTube.

But social media is also a great tool for your business, too! And I don't mean for marketing and getting sales. 

Facebook in particular has been a virtual godsend for me because I am able to network with other VAs, find potential clients, but most importantly, learn!

I’m a part of several free and paid Facebook groups that focus on entrepreneurship, networking, online technology, etc. These groups are by far my most valuable resource and knowledge base for my business.

Since my business is purely virtual, knowing that I have somewhere to go to get some support from another human is powerful and much needed sometimes.

If I’m working on someone's website and I’m stuck trying to figure something out, I just go into one of my website Facebook groups, post my question, and usually have an answer within an hour or two.

I’ve also learned a lot about things I can be doing to grow my business, marketing strategies, etc. Often people will post blog articles they think are particularly helpful or insightful. And others share their wins or seek support during a time of struggle.

What are your favorite online resources for your business? Are you in any Facebook groups that are really helpful?