How VAs charge for their services

The world of virtual assistance can seem like there’s a shroud of mystery surrounding it. How do you find VAs? Can a VA actually save you time? The list goes on…

My goal is to try to remove the vale and make things as crystal clear as I can. Today I want to tackle: How VAs charge for their services

These are the most common ways I’ve encountered that VAs bill for their services:

1. Payment after services are provided

In this method, a VA charges you their hourly rate and they work for you for a specified period of time, getting paid after the work is completed.

2. Retainer packages

VAs set up a retainer for you in which you purchase a set number of hours in advance before any work is completed. Once the retainer is exhausted, it’s renewed. It may also renew the same day each month. 

3. By the project

Sometimes you may only need a VA for a one time project. In this case, you’d discuss the scope of the project and everything involved, the VA will typically give you an estimate and require some kind of payment in advance. Typically either payment in full or half of the estimate up front and the remainder upon project completion.

4. Service Packages

In this situation, VAs don’t bill by the hour, but by the service. Some VAs offer service packages where they will provide you with a certain service, like newsletter management, for a set rate each month or time you need it completed.

There certainly may be some VAs that charge differently, but this should give you a pretty good idea of what you might encounter in your search for a VA.

Be sure to ask any potential VA questions for clarity involving their rates, payment for services, their business policies, etc. You want to make sure you're making an informed decisions, and most VAs will want to make sure you've got the info you need to do just that!

Have you worked with a VA before using one of these methods? What did you like/not like about it?