Learn my time-saving tip for delegating emails to be sent

A highly requested tasks from many clients of VAs is to send an email out for them to their mailing lists, customers, other businesses, etc.

Usually the client writes the email and then sends it over to their VA to send out to the intended recipients(s). These emails can be newsletters, announcements, launch emails, list building, you name it. But the all require the same basic information in order to be sent.

Seems simple, right? You just send on the copy for your email to your VA and you’re all set! Not quite…

And if you don’t send on all of the information your VA needs to be able to properly send out your email, they have to spend time searching for the missing details or contact you for them, which takes up both of your time.

Here’s what you need to tell your VA when delegating an email to be sent:

1. Who is going to receive the email (which mailing list, sequence, segment, etc.).

You want to make sure your VA knows who’s going to receive the email so they can send it to the proper list.

2. Date/time the email needs to be sent (date/time).

This seems fairly self-explanatory, but it’s easy to forget! It’s especially important if your VA is building a sequence for you of dated information for a free course or membership site.

3. Email subject.

From my experience, this is the most commonly forgotten piece of information for delegated emails.

4. Any links that should be included in the email (to sales pages, blog posts, etc.).

Be sure to include the full link needed in the email copy and not just hyperlink the copy that you send onto your VA. Sometimes links don’t work or paste properly and this will save your VA time tracking down good links. You’ll also want to state where the links belong in the email copy.

5. Your email copy.

Last but not least, send your VA your email copy. You can either send them the copy in an email or get them a link or access to a Google Doc, Evernote Note, etc. where you keep your email drafts.

To save you time, I've created a fillable PDF email template you can use when delegating emails onto your VA. You can download it using the form below. 

Get your own copy of my Time-Saving Email Template for VAs & Business Owners!

Do you have a system in place for getting info to your VA? Please share what you do in the comments!