Top 5 Reasons Working From Home is for You

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Let’s face it, pretty much everyone would love the ultimate freedom of being able to set your own schedule, work whenever you want, and still make good money at the same time right? 

Lots of folks achieve this dream by starting their own businesses working from home. Starting a business is hard work and it takes a lot of time, but all of that time and effort is totally worth it in my book to be able to reap the benefits!

So… what are some of the real benefits of working from home?

1. You set your own schedule.

When you own your own business, you set the schedule. If you’re a night owl, work at night! If you work best in the morning, then work then. You have the freedom to do what works best for you. 

2. Reduced or eliminated daycare costs. 

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Kansas, daycare costs are pretty expensive. They certainly don’t match the typical average wage. And it doesn’t look like the economy or wages will improve anytime soon. For a lot of families, that creates a big dilemma of deciding whether or not it’s worth having two wage earners in the family. 

But… let me tell you… that’s not a choice you have to make! You can start a business from home, allowing you or your partner to stay home with the kids and still contribute financially to the family at the same time! 

3. Availability for your family. 

Since I started my business from home, I have been able to be completely available for my husband and my kids. 

If I need to put off working for a few hours or even a day because someone is sick or we want to go play at the park, I can do that without having to worry about making sure my shift is covered or having to call into work.

And there’s no need to worry about being scheduled to work on holidays and potentially having to miss out of family events because I call the shots. 

4. Work wherever you want!

This is probably my favorite reason I love working from home. 

When I started my virtual assistant business, I was working from a desktop computer, which meant I had to be at home. After a few months of being in business, I’d earned enough that I could purchase a laptop for business use. 

Let me tell you… that opened up an entire world for me! 

With my phone as a hotspot and my Macbook in hand, I can work from anywhere. We like to load up in the car on Saturday and go for long drives, and I can bring my computer right along with me and be earning money while I’m sitting in the car. 

I can also go work on my back deck and enjoy the view of my backyard and also the company of my fabulous outdoor coworkers ;-) 

What’s not to love about that?

5. You are your own boss. 

Now this won’t be the case if you’re working directly for another company as an employee, but if you own and operate your own business, you call the shots

You decide when and how often to work, how much and how often you get paid, whether or not to accept a project from a potential client… the list goes on and on.

Talk about the ultimate freedom!

If you already work from home, what do you love about it? And if you don’t already work from home, why are you interested in staying home?


Becky Linot is a wife, mom, city-slicker farmer, and lover of all things techie. She founded The Kansas VA in 2014 to be able to stay at home with her family and still provide for them at the same time. When she’s not tapping away on the keyboard of her favorite MacBook Pro, you can find her outside tending her farm in the city (complete with chickens and 2 goats!).