Why I Became a Virtual Assistant

As I speak with other business owners and entrepreneurs, I have found that a good majority of them have the same goal: To Make Money

But often, there's a much deeper reason for their choices. Each of us has our own motivation for being in business and working toward the ultimate goal of making money. I call this motivation and reason 'My Why'. 

What's 'My Why' for being a Virtual Assistant and business owner?

My parents didn’t either one have college degrees around the time I graduated high school (they’re both since pursued and achieved degrees!), but they were by no means ‘uneducated’. We never had a lot when I was growing up. We worked hard and made do with what we had and enjoyed a good challenge in resourcefulness. 

Years ago when I was a senior in high school, I had a plan for my career and college. My plan was to get a teaching degree, teach, get married, raise a family, etc. As part of Generation Y, we’re expected to go to a 4 year college institution, get a degree, and get a decent paying job with the anticipation of going farther in life than what our parents did.

So when the time came for me to start college, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, or so I thought. I loved my job working for my university while working towards my degree. In fact, I loved my job more than the degree and coursework I was working toward. 

I was nearly finished with my degree and I had a major wakeup call. 

Now married and expecting my first child, I was a stressed out mess. Stressed out to the point that my blood pressure was ridiculously high and I was only halfway through my pregnancy. 

I knew I needed to make a change. But what would that change be? 

After lots of praying and discussion with my family and husband, I decided that teaching was not for me. I would be pursing something else in life. But we had no idea what that would be!

Fast forward a couple of years: 

My son was nearly 2 years old and I was determined to figure out some way of staying home and available for him and my family while also contributing to our bottom line. 

I spent months researching and trying out various work at home possibilities. I had worked for Apple, Inc. as a technical support advisor from home and also started a couple of sewing businesses, but neither of those were a good fit for me or my family. 

Ultimately, I stumbled across HireMyMom.com, a website dedicated to mothers who have left the traditional workforce to stay at home with their families. These are women who have skills, experience and know-how for the business world but have a need to work a nontraditional job and schedule. 

These women are Virtual Assistants. 

This was right up my alley. All of my work experience was administrative or technical, so transitioning into the virtual world was relatively easy. 

Starting my own small business and becoming a Virtual Assistant has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

As a Virtual Assistant and business owner, I am able to set my own schedule, be available for my family, and as my son begins school, participate in school parties and field trips without having to request vacation. I can take him to and from school, make a good income for myself, and not have to worry about commuting to and from work everyday. 

Even better, I have met some amazing people and have been able to surround myself with incredible long-term clients doing work that I greatly enjoy. I learn something new everyday and the variety of work available is perfect for someone like me who enjoys change. 

Why did you start or why are you thinking about starting your own business? I invite your to share your story below.