Why you should have a referral list

When I first started my VA business, I was more of a generalist. There were few tasks and projects I would turn down because I wanted to get experience. It gave me the opportunity for trial and error. To see what I liked doing and what I didn’t.

Now that my business is more established and I’ve narrowed down my skill set, I have turned work down because I know it wouldn’t be a good fit. But, I enjoy helping people, even if I won’t be working with them and I hate to turn someone away without doing something to help.

It’s the pitts to spend time talking with someone that you like only to learn that they don’t do the work that you’re needing. And I don’t like sending people away empty handed.

So I’ve learned it’s important to have a referral list of either other VAs or places that people can find a good VA. Not only does it make speaking with me not as much of a waste of time, but it also gets potential clients pointed in the right direction, a direction that I trust myself, and hopefully get them connected with someone that can help them.  

Do you have a referral list for your business?