nicole bonsol - write brave
"I will never launch a new course or product alone again! Having Becky manage the logistical parts of putting together both my free email course and my first paid course made the whole experience SO easy (and actually, a little fun). All I had to worry about was creating great content instead of losing countless hours trying to figure out the tech side. Everything works seamlessly. I’m happy, my clients are happy…Becky might literally be worth her weight in gold.

"Like any great VA, she’s responsive, efficient, and the kind of woman who rises to meet any challenge. But what makes Becky unique is her ability to make you feel lighter and brighter after any meeting. (Even the loooooooong ones!) She’s my favorite kind of team member.”

- Nicole Bonsol, Write Brave,

Kacy Circle.jpg
I cannot refer Becky enthusiastically enough.  Verbatim, I tell everyone, "She’s a thinker, a problem solver, and doesn’t need much guidance at all.”  When my last virtual assistant was suddenly injured, I didn’t think I’d be able to replace her.   Thrown into the assistant search again, I was reminded that good help is hard to find.  Becky was immediately invested in my business, locating vital ways in which I needed support.  I confidently pass things off to her, always receiving a prompt reply and flawless follow-through.  I cannot underestimate the value of having someone who can just run with any task thrown at them.  Becky’s proactive and technical expertise has been invaluable, and she’s a joy to work with as well!

- Kacy Paide, The Inspired Office,

I reached out to Becky because I needed help migrating my email lists over to ConvertKit from another email service provider. I told her that I also needed help setting up a new email funnel that I’d been putting off and learning how to use ConvertKit.
I couldn’t be any happier with Becky. She went over and beyond, she’s detail oriented, and a pleasure to work with. I felt like I could relax because Becky knew what she was doing. It was amazing to focus on my work while she was working on the migration instead of me learning how to do it myself and DIY’ing it! Thank you Becky!!!

- Billie Gardner, Desire to Done

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"I reached out to Becky to help me migrate my list from Aweber to ConvertKit for my Firefighter Now website.  Not only was the migration easy and seamless, but Becky took the time to address and answer every one of my questions.  She pointed me in the direction of good resources AND spent time showing me every feature of ConvertKit step-by-step.  The best part is Becky's skill reach far beyond ConvertKit and I will be using her knowledge and experience in future jobs as well!"  

- Mike Pertz, 3MountainDigital

William song - habit project
"I appreciate Becky's ability to do things with minimal information from me. I recall giving her a project, and she was able to think ahead a couple of steps. As she asked insightful questions about the future effects, she helped me rethink the project.  Result? I modified the assignment early, and we avoided wasted time and effort. To me, that level of common sense and insight are the marks of a good virtual assistant. I've found that common sense isn't always so common. So I really enjoy working with people who have it.

I realize that ideally, I would carefully think through a project prior to handing it off to her. But let's face it, most of us business owners don't make time to give our virtual assistant a precise list of steps. We're so busy, we want the VA to figure things out. Fortunately, Becky "gets" it. She understands how to handle complex projects, knows when to ask for more data, and when to stop asking questions and just complete the task. That's a tricky balance, but somehow she knows.

Besides being tech savvy and a good writer, she's a conceptual thinker who's good with details. And I really appreciate her sense of humor. It's more fun working with someone who can laugh."

- William Song, Habit Project,